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1st Regional Conference 2019


3.2 % increase of participants who are in contact with international organizations

To measure whether the conference has been successful to answer to the needed technical assistance the survey asked the participants to report on whether they were able to meet with other actors and leading International Organizations. 46,15% of the participants reported to have wanted more information on the international organizations that work on the issue of cultural heritage and who can support their work.

One participant further indicated “ It is not just about knowing who to contact, it is also the how. It would be great to have an opportunity to discuss more about the application process to get funding”

The final panel of the conference did address the issue of funding with the participants. An open call for application to apply to to available grant has been made during the panel sessions. Application and funding processes have not been discussed and may be unclear to participants from the academic and research sector.

Ind 3.4 % of participants reporting  that the conference has provided them with an opportunity to exchange with regional actors

The survey shows that 58.98% of the respondents stated that they came to the conference to also meet other actors.(48.72% strongly agreed and 10.26% of the participants agreed).

One explanation is that the survey was distributed during the conference, and as a consequence, the respondents were not able to assess whether the conference provided them with the opportunity to discuss with other attendees. It is important to note that the discussion and exchange of contact happened during the networking dinner organized at the end of the conference to facilitate dialogue among the participants.

Overall, the conference has successfully provided participants with an opportunity to meet new actors. 66.67% of the participants reported having met new actors. (56.41% of the participants strongly agreed, and 10.26% of the participants agreed).


In light of the results of indicator 3.2, the participants explained that the networking sessions were very useful to be able to ask specific questions about funding processes and international community support. The participants reported to have found the opportunity to speak to the panelists directly during the networking session very useful and effective.

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